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The South West Peninsula League announces 3 sponsorship deals, Totalling £105,000 over the next 3 Years.

During the half-time interval of tonight’s Championship match, Plymouth Argyle V Colchester, the new South West Peninsula League Officers will be presented with a huge cheque for £75,000 from Carlsberg-Tetley Ltd, this is for 3 years and makes Carlsberg the headline Sponsor of all 3 Divisions of the new league.

Additionally we are today announcing a 3 year deal worth £18,000 for the sponsorship of the League Cup competition by Westward Investment Management which will see the Cup named the Carl Throgmorton League Cup.

Further we announce a £12,000 deal for again a 3 year period with Cornish Homes Ltd which will sponsor the Fair Play Awards and the soon to be launched official league website.

The League Officers are delighted that these sponsorships have been secured and thank the firms for their devotion and belief in the new competition. Such cash injections is not only good for the league as it strives to make an impact but will also offer superb prize money to clubs competing in it as well as financial support for EVERY club in the league through the goal scheme. Indeed £70,000 will find its way directly to the member clubs over the 3 year period, helping clubs achieve, and sustain, themselves in the new order.

Breakdown of Annual Prize Money :

Carlsberg South West Peninsula Premier Division

League Champions 2,500

Runners Up 1,250

3rd Placed 700

Carlsberg South West Peninsula Division One

East Division : West Division :

Champions 1,500 Champions 1,500

Runners Up 800 Runners Up 800

3rd Placed 400 3rd Placed 400

Carl Throgmorton League Cup

Winners 1,500

Runners Up 800

2 x Losing Semi-Finalists 300 (600)

Best Division 1 East 200

Best Division 1 West 200

Cornish Homes Fair Play Awards

Premier Division Winners 300 Runners Up 200

Division One East Winners 300 Runners Up 200

Division One West Winners 300 Runners Up 200

Carlsberg Best Programme Award Carlsberg Best Ground Award

Overall Winner 300 Premier Division 300

2nd placed 250 Division 1 East 300

3rd placed 200 Division 1 West 300

Extra Benefits for ALL 50 Clubs :

Each goal scored in all 786 league fixtures will earn the scoring club £2 per goal.

Anticipating an average of 3.8 goals per game, this measure is likely to see £6,000 distributed, ensuring every club benefits from the Carlsberg Sponsorship.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Westward Investment Management Services, the Cup Sponsorship also gives every club a reward as £1,000 has been set aside to pay all 50 clubs £20 entry fees.

Cornish Homes Sponsorship provides incentives for fair play and their sponsorship of the leagues official website benefits clubs & supporters alike.

The Grand Total heading to the clubs each season is £ 23,300 !